About Tricel Site Assessor website

Everything you need to know about Tricel Site Assessor. The website and incorporated digital tools launched in January 2016. This free and comprehensive toolbox is designed for use by architects, site assessors, builders and engineers in order to simplify the building planning application process as it relates to wastewater treatment.

Based on the needs and requirements of industry professionals, this user-friendly tool is designed to generate bespoke reports with minimum effort. All relevant documentation, drawings and certificates are automatically included within the report design.

Pump calculators are also included, ensuring the correct pump specifications are delivered with each report, eliminating the risk of errors.

For convenience, additional functions were also added such as a full history report and direct emailing of the reports and drawings into the registered users’ inbox.

Generating complete site assessment recommendation reports that are ready to incorporate in planning applications has never been easier and faster.

Tricel is fully compliant with latest S.R. 66. regulations for wastewater treatment.

Tricel Site Assessor

Tricel Site Assessor provides all users with a comprehensive range of reports that are fully customisable in order to meet with any and all wastewater requirements for planning applications within Ireland.

About Tricel

Tricel is a world recognised global provider of high-performance solutions across multiple industries such as Environmental, Construction, Water and Distribution, including both composite materials and lubricants.

As experts in Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) processes, we produce the only wastewater treatment plant in Europe which is constructed from this material. This production and design process delivers the highest strength to thickness ratio of any tank available on the market.

This material has the added benefit of having no risk of corrosion over time, making these tanks extremely durable in all conditions.

Tricel is proud of being one of the largest manufacturers of wastewater treatment plants in Europe and is regarded by industry regulators as the standard setters within the industry.

Our company ethos “Generations of Innovation” is built around three interlinking themes: Innovation, Quality and Heritage. These themes have all been developed over 60 years of highly successful operations, with 15 of these years’ specialising in wastewater treatment systems.

With 12 locations throughout Europe, Tricel possesses a broad and distinct range of capabilities which enable us to supply a comprehensive range of products to over 50 countries worldwide.