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Want to save reporting time?

Try Our Wastewater Site Recommendation Reports

Tricel has developed our free wastewater site recommendation reports tool for busy industry professionals. Quick and easy to use, all site recommendation reports are created in minutes and are accessible 24/7.

What’s Included in the Report?

Manufacturers report

Manufacturer’s Report

PE & Pump Calculator

PE & Pump Calculator

Plant Certification

Plant Certification

Autocad Drawings

Autocad Drawings

PDF reports

PDF Reports Emailed 

Full Report History

Full Report History 

Reports include detailed manufacturer’s reports for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment as well as a calculator to identify the correct pump requirements for each application (taking into account length of the rising main and the difference in head height).

Tricelsiteassessor.ie also gives access to all relevant and correct plant certifications and AutoCAD drawings for correct site layout plans.

The Wastewater Site Recommendation Reports generated are comprehensive and fully customisable, allowing each to be tailored to individual client needs while meeting all wastewater requirements for planning applications in Ireland. This 100% FREE tool is designed to streamline and simplify the process of developing industry-standard wastewater site recommendation reports.

All resources available on the website are in compliance with the EPA’s Code of Practice.



“OHCE use the Tricel Site Assessor for all of our planning applications…”

Oliver Higgins

Chartered Engineers


“The Auto CAD plans of the treatment units are particularly helpful when drafting sections.”

David Lally

Lally Chartered Engineers


“Can be accessed 24/7 and generates all the relevant information immediately…”

Patrick J. Newell

Consulting Engineers

These bespoke and detailed wastewater site recommendation reports are constructed using the percolation test values (P/T) in your Site Characterisation form as well as the population equivalent (PE). Upon completion, reports can be incorporated directly into planning applications. All information provided complies with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Code of Practice and all products specified are certified to European standards EN12566-3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66.

Planning Application in Ireland

Tricel is today one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems with over 60 year’s industry experience and technical expertise. Specialists in the production of multiple wastewater treatment solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment requirements for both domestic and commercial use.

Start saving time, create your FREE report today!

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Tricel Novo

Tricel Novo

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tricel Puraflo

Tricel Tero


Tricel Puraflo

Tricel Puraflo



Tricel Vento

Septic Tank


Tricel Sandcel

Sand Polishing Filter

Tricel manufactures wastewater treatment solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment requirements, including

Wasterwater treatment plants

Septic tanks

Tero modules

Puraflo modules

Sand polishing filters

Tricel wastewater treatment solutions are highly energy efficient, reliable and require low maintenance. All solution options comply with European Certifications EN12566-3, EN12566-1 and with the EPA Code of Practice.

Case Studies

Wastewater Treatment Solutions by Tricel

Tricel Novo & Sandcel polishing filter

Installation of a Tricel Novo & Sandcel polishing filter at Lurga National School

Case Study: Claran National School

Case Study: Wastewater Treatment Claran National School

Tricel Novo and Sandcel sand polishing filter

Upgrade to an existing septic tank with Tricel Novo and Sandcel sand polishing filter