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Case study wastewater treatment Claran national school

Recently, Tricel were chosen to handle the project of upgrading the Claran National School secondary wastewater treatment plants.

This project entailed multiple challenges, and it was particularly necessary to achieve the brief requirements regarding quality, price and installation timing. Everything became successfully implemented as a result of both the help of the school itself and the partnership with River Border Construction Ltd.

What was the challenge?

The existing septic tank system became too small to serve the school as a result of ongoing expansion and required upgrades.

As a result, the school also needed to improve the existing wastewater treatment system to avoid any overloading issues which could have arisen.

A consulting engineer, Patrick J Newell, was asked to find the ideal solution for the school’s requirements and as a result, Tricel’s wastewater treatment solutions were put forward as the obvious choice. Claran National School then contacted River border Construction’s team of specialists to manage the installation project.

Tricel had to deal with multiple concerns during the upgrade of the Claran national school wastewater treatment plants, these include:

  1. Finding a wastewater treatment solution that would manage large volumes of effluent. Tricel calculated that the population equivalent (PE) required was 52 (number of students, school staff, and in alignment the EPA wastewater treatment manual for treatment systems for small communities, business, leisure centres, and hotels).
  2. Finding the best, and most effective, positioning for the upgraded wastewater treatment systems. In fact, the existing site had restrictions concerning the infiltration of the water treated by a septic tank and as such required a more compact
  3. It was necessary to carry out the project during the holidays to avoid any disturbance for school staff and pupils. The timeline window assigned was extremely short, and it was essential to complete all necessary tasks within this frame.

What Tricel provided

secondary wastewater treatment plants novo

secondary wastewater treatment plants novo

Primary wastewater treatment

Tricel Fortis 10800-liter septic tank with outlet filter. This product is well known to be:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable

This equipment was ideal due to the space restrictions involved. Indeed, this type of Tricel Fortis is 6.6-meter-long and 1.64 meters wide. The products small size and low weight ratio make it extremely easy to transport, manoeuvre and install. Due to these product attributes the installation process was carried out without the use of heavy equipment.

secondary wastewater treatment plants puraflo

secondary wastewater treatment plants puraflo

Secondary wastewater treatment plants

It became apparent that the best option for a secondary system is the Tricel Puraflo. The effluent would flow between these chosen systems using a distribution valve ensuring the even spread of wastewater between the different Puraflo modules. The Puraflo system can be ideal for big projects as several Puraflo modules can compose this system. In this case, Tricel combined 20 modules to build the secondary wastewater treatment plants.

Reminder: The Puraflo is a perfect product for seasonal flows (which is ideal for a school). Furthermore, it is possible to add several Puraflo modules together if necessary. Doing so will allow you to have a larger PE.

Tertiary wastewater treatment

Due to adverse soil conditions, Tricel advised the school that a tertiary wastewater treatment was necessary. The tertiary treatment used in this case was a soil polishing filter. Following the EPA code of practice, 315 square meters of soil polishing filter was necessary.

What is the result

With the assistance of Riverboarder Construction Ltd, the project was completed on time and to a very high standard. Tricel provided and commissioned Tricel Fortis and the Puraflo modules.

The completion of the project, from initial quote to the final installation, took little under two months during the summer of 2017. An extremely elevated level of professionalism, along with strict adherence to a required timeframe, meant that this project was executed flawlessly.

If you have a future project and require professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team of industry specialists is at your disposal.