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Tertiary treatment systems for pressurised wastewater treatment plants

What are tertiary treatment systems?

Tertiary treatment systems are generally packaged filter systems installed after secondary treatment plants. Theses systems provide additional treatment to wastewater and are an ideal solution for homeowners, engineers and local authorities alike. The multiple benefits include they considerably reduce the footprint of traditional percolation areas, as well as the risk of clogged or poorly constructed underground percolation areas.

At Tricel, we offer two types of tertiary treatment systems for pressurised wastewater treatment plants:

  1. Tricel Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter which uses layers of certified sands and gravel with a specially designed pipework network to disperse and treat the effluent.
  2. Tricel Puraflo uses a similar pressurised pipe network over a peat fibre bed to treat the effluent.

Sand polishing filter pipework network

Sand polishing filter pipework

Pumping the effluent to the tertiary systems

Most tertiary systems get positioned raised above the outlet of a packaged wastewater treatment system. In such cases, a pump is required to pump the effluent from the secondary wastewater treatment plant to the tertiary system.

Two options are possible:

  1. Integrated packaged systems with a pump for ease of installation (Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant can come supplied with an integrated pump)
  2. Separate the pump chambers following the wastewater treatment plant or septic tank.

Both options are perfectly suitable and will deliver a similar flow.

Importance of the equal distribution of effluent

The Puraflo system has been designed to accept and evenly distribute the pumped effluent from a packaged wastewater treatment plant. This design incorporates a low-pressure pipe network that is specifically designed and tailored to suit the distance and head from the secondary treatment plant while ensuring the pipe network gets pressurised as per design specifications.

This design prolongs the life of the media and ensures the achievement of the optimum treatment levels of the effluent before discharging from the unit.

Tricel has vast experience of other dispersion system types for additional product applications within the Tricel product range, including tipping buckets and gravity-fed pipe channels. Our testing has found that these options do not operate as effectively when effluent is pumped to them and only work well when receiving gravity-fed effluent.

Therefore, Tricel only offers pressurised network systems for Tertiary products. Pressurised tertiary treatment systems such as the Puraflo guarantee equal dispersion of the effluent, which allows for better treatment quality of the effluent.

Advantages of Puraflo tertiary treatment plant

  • Reduced footprint required
  • Plug and play: ready to install, supply and fit
  • Tricel comes and connect all the pipework and commissioning the unit.
  • Quick installation: ½ day to install in most cases
  • Factory build
  • Independently PIA tested
  • Experience 25 years + with Bord na Mona
  • Over 100,000 installations globally

How does Puraflo work?

Maintenance of Puraflo and peat

We estimate that every 7 to 10 years, sometimes 15 years depending on usage, Puraflo modules will need to be topped up with peat or the peat will require replacement.

Anua Environmental and Anua Gaffney Environmental provide services to Puraflo systems bought before March 2015 from Bord Na Mona. See contact details below:

Anua Environmental

Anua Gaffney Environmental

Any systems purchased through Tricel – our experienced service and repair team is available to schedule a service for Tricel Puraflo systems. BOOK A SERVICE

Replacement peat fibre is available from most Tricel distributors. Contact our technical team who can guide you towards your local distributor.

Puraflo and Peat replacement for 2020

One challenge of the current Puraflo system is the media it uses to treat wastewater. Indeed, Puraflo currently uses a by-product of peat briquettes, made from the peat which cannot get used within briquettes.  

One of Tricel challenges is to find alternative media types which can be used instead of peat, which will work inside of Puraflo. We are currently looking at alternatives and will provide a solution for Puraflo modules.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Tertiary Treatment Systems for pressurised wastewater treatment plants, Tricel Puraflo, or any other wastewater treatment systems, get in touch with us.