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Our aim is to provide site assessors, engineers, architects and construction professionals with a user friendly website that generates concise and accurate information in relation to onsite Wastewater treatment as part of the planning application process.

Why register with Tricelsiteassessor.ie?

Tricelsiteassessor.ie provides users with a comprehensive range of reports which are fully customisable to meet with all wastewater requirements for planning applications in Ireland. As of January 1st 2017, Tricel is fully compliant with S.R. 66. regulations  for wastewater treatment.

The site is provided by Tricel, Europe’s largest manufacturer of Wastewater Treatment systems with over 15 years industry experience. The site is designed to provide the following to users:

  • Detailed Manufacturer’s report for Primary, Secondary & Tertiary treatment
  • Calculators to identify the correct pump for each application
  • Access to the relevant & correct certification for plants
  • Access to AutoCAD drawings for correct site layout
  • All available resources on the website are in compliance with EPA code of practice
  • Access to a database of all completed reports
  • Receive notification on any new products and case studies directly from Tricel

Tricelsiteassessor.ie generates site recommendation reports for projects that are included as part of client’s planning applications. These reports include:

All reports can be downloaded from the site and sent to your email in pdf form.

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